Marion Sterner

Marion Sterner

Advance Development of R&D
Gruppo X di X Gruppo srl

Marion, working in the Advance Development of R&D, is shareholder in  Gruppo X di X Gruppo srl, a company generating patents on innovations in the packaging and mainly paper sector, developing them with industrial partners and licensing patents, know how and technology. She is co-author of the base patents of Gruppo X’s developments and has been working since 1990 in the field of process and material innovation. Main Gruppo X’s licencees are, among others, BillerudKorsnas, Nippon Paper Industries, BP Europack (today Amcor Flexibles).

Marion holds degrees in architecture from Germany and Italy


Innovative Technologies for Improving Recycling Papers and Invading New Application Segments

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 15:30

The Papermorphosis®- technology consists in 2 novel UNITS for separately increasing cross direction (CD) and machine direction (MD) elongation in paper. These are purely mechanical processes. Now the technology has been successfully tested also on recycling fiber, reaching elongation values of over 15% in cross direction (CD) or 20% in machine direction (MD). Generally mechanical properties in paper depend on furnish, head box properties and refining. Adding elongations also has the effect of increasing and/or better balancing TEA values in both directions. The aim is to improve existing recycling papers and to broaden the use of recycling fiber respect to the past, simulating i.e. virgin fiber, standard sack paper and high performance 3D papers. The new technology also allows a novel way to produce corrugated material. Papermorphosis® has been patented and developed by Gruppo X di X Gruppo. The UNITS are today installed at the pilot paper machine at Innventia/Stockholm/Sweden.