RUAN Zijian

RUAN Zijian

Managing Director
Dongguan Karming Environment Protection Equipment Co., Ltd.

----Dongguan Environmental Protection Packaging Industry Association    Vice President
----Dongguan Association of Enterprises with Foreign Investment (Qiaotou Branch)  Executive Vice President
----China Resource Recycling Association  Director
----Dongguan Schoolmate Association of Tsinghua University MBA  Vice President
----Graduated from college in 1988
----Before 1996, worked in sino-foreign joint venture company & Hongkong listed company as Senior engineer
----During 1996-2005, worked in Hongkong companies & listed companies as General manager and CEO
----In May,2005, founded KENHUA BALER company, acting as the Chairman. KENHUA is specialized in the development of environmental resources recycling industry mechinery and related equipment, already has 20 patents. 
----Now, Yuen Tsz Kin has become the technology leader in the environmental recycling mechinery industry.


Save Labor, Low Consumption & High Efficient Baler Machine and Automatic Waste Treatment Logistic System

Thursday, December 8, 2016 - 14:30

KBM series Auto baler, using more efficient unit than servos, reduce energy consumption can reach 35%.
Oil pressure system-----The error of high precision parts is less 50% than our counterparts, no need to replace the internal hydraulic parts in 3~5 years normally.    
Hydraulic system based on Pascal’s Principle, made multichannel high efficient oil circuits, make the equipment cycle time reduced 50%.  
Equiped with automatic induction device, the baler will running when the material reach the sensor, so the machine will stopped more than 50% of time, reduce energy consumption further.    
Combination of these four points, when you use KBM baler, the energy saving rate can reach 54.5%.
The frame design conforms to principle of mechanics, reinforcement device at the key position, make the body more durable.
The binding system improved on Japan’s wire hook system, it can save steel wire more than 15% than counterparts.
Specially developed paper cutting structure, has obtained national patent, it is an efficient solution for paper jam. 
PLC control system, it can connect your ERP system, more easer to operation, and show the fault position accurately.