Toru Nakamichi

Toru Nakamichi

General Manger of Eastern Japan Paper Raw Material Sales Div
Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd.

Toru Nakamichi, General Manger of Eastern Japan Paper Raw Material Sales Div of Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd. , the representative of Japan Paper Recycling Promotion Center/Export waste paper committee and the member of Japanese waste paper quality standard modernization committee.

In 1986 joined Sumisho Pulp & Paper CO.,LTD(subsidiary of SUMITOMO Corporation) Osaka office and engaged in the import and domestic waste paper sales 10 years, 1996 moved to Summit Pulp & Paper CO.,LTD in Los Angeles and took part in executive management three waste paper packing plants in California  and waste paper export to Chain and other Asian countries. The year of 2000 back to Japan(Tokyo) and engaged in waste paper export and investment for waste paper packing plants. 2008 moved to Sumitomo Corporation Shanghai as a person in charge of whole paper and film products sales in China. 2012 back to Tokyo and 2013 January 1st joined Kokusai Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd, because Sumisho Paper and Kokusai Pulp & Paper merged.    



The development and trends of Japanese recovered paper industry in view of rising demand in China and other Asian countries

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 10:00

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