Vu Ngoc Bao

Vu Ngoc Bao

Vice Chairman & Secretary General
Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association

09/1962 – 06/1963: joining Slovakia language course for university entrance in Bratislava, Slovakia
09/1963 – 11/1968: graduated Faculty of Wood Sciences and Technology, Technical Universityin Zvolen, Slovakia
01/1969 – 10/1979: Technician, Manager, Deputy Director of Cau Duong Wood Company, Hanoi, Vietnam
10/1979 – 02/1984: Studying for Doctoral Degree (Ph.D) in Technical University in Zvolen, Slovakia
02/1984 – 10/1997: Manager, Deputy Director, Director of Cau Duong Wood Company, Hanoi, Vietnam
10/1997 – 03/2000: Deputy General Director of Vietnam – Daewoo Paper Company, HaiPhong, Vietnam
03/2000 – 06/2012: Secretary General of Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association
06/2012 – now: Vice Chairman and Secretary General of Vietnam Pulp and Paper Association



RCP Demand Increase 1.76 Times in Vietnam

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 09:00

Vietnam is deeply integrating into world economy. Vietnam’s economy grows fast that attracts local and foreign investors. 

The average paper consumption per capita in Vietnam in 2015 was 39 kg.

It is estimated that, in the coming years annual average paper consumption will increase by about 9-10%, particularly in packaging paper, the growth rate will be 11%.

In the next few years, great new paper capacity will be brought into operation in Vietnam from An Binh Paper Corp. - Vietnam, Nine Dragons Paper (Holdings), Lee & Man Paper Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Cheng Loong Corp.,  etc.

Recovered paper as main raw material for paper production, accounts for 80% of total raw material for paper production (2015) and going up to 85% in 2018.

There are 4 RCP collection systems of  one big paper company in Vietnam, collects 40% of recovered paper. The rest, 60% OCC and other types of RCP are collected by the individual collectors.

Many recovered paper collecting system will be set up along with putting into production of the large paper machines.

To ensure efficient production and environmental protection, Vietnam has issued many regulations to ensure imported RCP meets national technical standards and strict inspection (100%) at the border.

It forecasts that recovery rate will increase from 36.28% (2015) to 42.66% (2018) corresponds to the RCP demand increase from 2.114 million tonnes to 3.729 million tonnes, up 1.76 times in a very short time.